• Race Track Drain

  • Many Members raise the issue of obtaining relief from the drain that runs on the inside of the race track running rail, mainly affecting shots on holes 10, 18, 19, 25, 26 and 27.

    Independent advice received from the V.G.A. (November 2005) indicated that the drain alongside the Race Track running rail should be defined as either an integral part of the Golf Course or a water hazard. If the drain was to be considered as a water hazard, then:

    • A player cannot remove loose impediments (leaves, twigs, etc.) and a player cannot ground his club;
    • A player cannot declare their ball unplayable;
    • A player cannot get relief from casual water;
    • A player cannot get relief from an immovable obstruction (the railing).

    Thus, if your ball lands in the drain, unless your intended shot might be affected by the race running rail (see a separate document for discussion on your options in that case), you track are not automatically entitled to relief.

    Taking unauthorised relief will lead to the imposition of up to a three stroke penalty for playing the ball from an incorrect place and for failing to correct the error before teeing off at the next hole and may be sufficient to incur disqualification.