• Other Useful Information

  • Notices
    The Club posts Local Rules and other general notices on the Notice Board and users of the Course are advised to check them before proceeding to play. Special conditions for some competitions will be advised on the day.

    Holes in One
    Will be recognised by the Club for all Members and Honorary Members who have entered and are playing in a club competition event.

    Eagle Prizes
    Three balls per Eagle. Restricted to Club Members in all Club events of 18 holes or more, including all Midweek and Open events but excluding events such as Foursomes, Ambrose, Canadian, etc except where only one person achieves the Eagle – e.g. a Hole in One. All Charity and Matchplay events are excluded.

    Any disputes relating to the competition of the day will, whenever possible, be determined by the available members of the Match Committee. In the unlikely event that none are available the result will be held over until the earliest opportunity for the Match Committee to rule on the dispute.

    Players disqualified from completing the event of the day are still eligible for prizes such as NTP, Eagles, Birdies and Holes in One.

    Priority on the Course
    The Curator, his staff and volunteers assisting the Curator have right of way and priority on the course over all players. Players in the event of the day have priority over social or practicing players.
    A single player has no standing and must give way to all others.
    Any match playing a full round has priority over a shorter round.
    If a match is failing to keep their place in the field they should allow following match (es) to play through.

    Men’s Championships Grades
    A – 0 to 9
    B – 10 to 15 C – 16 to 21
    D – 22 to 36

    Due to the inherent dangers of the golf course property, all children on Club property must be under the strict control of their parents or a responsible adult at all times.