• Motorised Cart Usage Policy

  • The Drouin Golf & Country Club (DG&CC) recognises that the use of motorised carts and ride-ons allow many golfers with mobility problems to remain in the sport for longer and therefore supports their use.  The availability of hire carts is also an attraction to potential green fee players, a good source of income for the Club, and for other Members and guests on occasions.

    The DG&CC has invested a considerable amount of member finances in attempting to establish Santa Anna as the preferred grass for ongoing coverage of our fairways. Santa Anna is a hardy grass that does not require the same level of watering in the warmer months as some other grasses used in presenting golf courses.  It does require some protection during its dormant time over the cooler months and sensible use of herbicides to minimise the impact of winter grasses at the start of its growing season.  Even during the warmer growing months if carts are driven on the fairways they compact the soil and limit the capacity of the grass to grow properly.

    With this in mind the Club intends to implement a policy for the use of carts and ride-ons that balances the needs of all parties.  The Club had embarked on a process to prepare and place cart paths in selected areas around the course, with more to come over time, and all cart and ride-on users are expected to use them at all times.  Where there are no designated paths, cart and ride-on users are expected to travel in the light rough verges next to each fairway, choosing one side of the fairway and travelling up that side for the full extent of the hole.  Crossing the fairway on a cart or ride-on is expressly forbidden and users are expected to walk to their ball, making sure they carry a sand bucket to repair any damage their shot might make.  Carts or ride-ons are not to be driven within 10 metres of greens or on embankments around tees or greens under any circumstances.

    This policy will be publicised on the Club’s website and will be given to each cart or ride-on user.  All club members are expected to help police this policy and are encouraged to report breaches to the Captain, Manager and Pro.  Users who breach the policy will face the range disciplinary action available under Club rules and may be liable for costs associated with any damage caused negligently or recklessly.

    The Club reserves the right to ban the use of all carts should conditions warrant it. Users will be advised by signs placed on notice boards should this occur and/or can contact the Manager’s office or the Pro Shop for information.