Welcome Mark Bailey to the Team!

Dear Members,

With the new Board focused on the future of our club, it is our endeavor as
requested by a large number of members, to begin to utilize the functionality of
our club to its fullest capacity.

We have done this by selecting Randall Mitchell, as most of you have already met in
the pro shop as General Manager. Randall has an enormous job ahead of him with
the huge administration changes that have accrued over a number of years and is
doing an exceptional job.

Our next step is to expand our catering needs such as food, beverage and
functions. As we have an excellent name with our functions thanks to the current
staff of Raquel and Leanne and others who have done a magnificent job. We would
also like to expand the flexibility of our catering department. This will be done in
small increments in conjunction with members and social demand.

In doing this the Board have taken the next step by employing Mark Bailey who has
extensive experience around the world with catering and entertainment

Mark will be employed as Food and Beverage manager and will be responsible to
our General Manager, Randall Mitchell. Mark’s employment will begin on Tuesday 22nd of November 2022 and will be on a 6 month contract that will be reviewed on the expiry of the 6 months. This
appointment will not interfere with Michelle Thomas return to work.

Kind regards,
Joe Kirby- Drouin Golf & Country Club Chairperson